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Superking Reings Supreme (Royal Blue or Royal Red, Amercian Apparel)

$26.00 - $29.00

Look up! At the TV set! It's Lawler....It's the King....It's Superking! Yes, Superking confronted TV's "Batman" Adam West when the caped crusader appeared sans cape (cleverly disguised in a tracksuit as Bats was working deep cover).

Batman held out hope for the evil King of Memphis, if only Lawler would start using his left- and right-turn indicators. Now the owner of a Batmobile, the King can often be seen cruising around town, keeping an eye out for the evil Catwoman so he can lock up that pussy once and for all.

On the rear neckline, Hannah-Barbarian artist Travis Heckel combines two childhood favorites picturing Superking preparing for a nightmare challenge: Jimmy Hart's jive-talking Dream Machine, set against colorful backdrop—a comic-style skyline of downtown Memphis. In the end, will the King reign SUPREME? Find out, true believers!

This super piece of American pop culture deserves to be printed on a 100% cotton king-of-the-ringspun cotton tee. Wear it with pride.

Only 100 will be made and they are sure to fly up, up, up and away at super speed—order today.

Super-fast Express shipping is now just $3.99, with each additional tee just $1.99.