Hulk vs Superking (Black or Royal Blue)

Image of Hulk vs Superking (Black or Royal Blue)

Look! Up in sky! Wait, no—make that down the aisle! It's! It's a WHITE friggin' horse! And there's Superking! Why's Superking riding a horse?! Who gives a shi*t?! It's badass!

The first in Hannah-Barbarian's Memphis Mat Classics series, this soft, 100% combed-cotton tee captures the iconic moment the Incredible One locked horns with Superking, fresh off a year spent in seclusion at the Fortress of Solitude (near White Station and Walnut Grove).

Although Superking triumphed in front of 9,000-plus fans at the Mid-South Coliseum on Feb. 9, 1981, the evil muscle man who ripped off IdolMania left the arena with his heartbroken manager swearing revenge and regretting he ever took the booking, as clips of his defeat at the hands of Superking would be shown for the next 30 years on Memphis TV.

Don't miss this limited-edition tee, featuring artwork by "Terrific" Travis Heckel. It's only available March 1—30, 2018...then it's up, up and away...and GONE!