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Dream Match


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When Superking returned from his Fortress of Solitude (reportedly somewhere on Walnut Grove in Memphis) in December 1980, the city's number-one son was fighting for more than pride. Superking was fighting for the entire city of Memphis. But would the evil Black Hart and his mysterious masked Machine conspire to pull the wrestling equivalent of Kryptonite out of their bag of tricks to conquer Superking? Stay tuned!

This dream tee is printed on an American Apparel Jersey tee that even the American Dream himself would find comfy. This asphalt colored, 100% cotton tee runs true to size with a flattering cut for all....except maybe Plowboy Frazier.

Please allow up to 7 to 10 days for fulfillment. It's usually much faster, but we've had a few exceptions, so now I feel obligated to say that. Thank you for supporting the show!